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As a bride, you are also important to it. Today, we are trying to tell you some of the little facts that make this day more important for knowing that significance. do you know? The height of the bride and bridegroom are far from paying much attention to anyone on the wedding day. The height between the bride and the groom is very important for wedding photography and for the wedding day. If the bridegroom is less than the bridegroom, then the bride will have a low hair style. And that hairstyle should fit the bride's face. If a groom is a low-bride or a bridegroom of the Indian bride, it is preferable to raise her body slightly. And if he is a little short, the bride's body can be adjusted to a normal height. Do you know that the bride's head also affects the groom? Choosing your skin to fit your wish or the style you choose is a common mistake. There are plenty of opportunities for the bride, her family, or the beautician on hand. If the bridegroom is taller than the bride, the bridegroom will fit a necklace with a neckline. It's important to remember that if the groom and the bride are of the same height, they really fit a long wrapper. If the bridegroom is the highest height, the bride fits in with the long tusks. If the bridegroom is short, then it is best for the bride to have two large surfaces. If a bridegroom is taller, it is advisable to squeeze her sals off her sleeves on Bridal wish. And it is better to apply the saris to the wrap. This is just some of the things that make the most beautiful day of your life as well as beauticians. Look at these little things how much your wedding feels.
If the groom looks like a bride, the bridegroom has many things to keep in mind. We will present you eight things that are so important to the bride and groom, the artist or the stylist. 01) When choosing a wedding dress, be careful about the bride's height. If you prefer a high hairstyle, the bridegroom will not be in high condition if you do not go high. Then you will have to choose a hairdresser that will make the Nail suitable for your face. 02) Although the style of the body is fashionable, it should be worn in relation to the height of the bridegroom. Most of the bridegrooms can be worn to the bride, as if they were high. 03) many brides wish to wear a necklace. Do you think that the bridegroom's height will influence this too? 04) If the bridegroom is high, then the bride's shoulder can be worn. If the bridegroom is so high, the wall of the bride should be extended to the chest. It should not be forgotten that the beautiful couple appear in such a small matter. 05) The choice of Earrings also should be careful. If the bridegroom's height is low, the tassels (hanging) are not suitable for the bride. If the bridegroom is tall, the bride has the capability to wear the Tablel sapphire. Otherwise, she is not suitable for wearing T-shirts. 06) some brides would like to make a V-shaped image. Others liked the round twin. Others have a retractable bow. If the bridegroom is tall, the bride is fitted with a V-shaped neckline. 07) The hand of the blotch also depends on height. If the bridegroom is tall, the styling of the extension of the elbow is not compliant. It's a fitting style. 08) The bridegroom's height determines when the thread is threaded in the mask. If the bridegroom is tall, the shoulder should be attached to the saree. This is the flexible way. In reality, when two are together, the two must fit in. The bridal dress should definitely be concerned about the bridal's height.
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මෙගා අපහාසයක් නොවේ උපහාසයක් පමණයි - අධ්‍යක්‍ෂ දමින්ද මඩවල
ඔබ කැමැතිද මෙගා නාට්‍ය බලන්න? අවුරුදු ගණන් කොටස් හාර පන්සීයක් තරම් දිගට ඇදෙන මෙගා නාට්‍ය බලන්න ඔබ කැමැතිද? ඔබ කැමැති වුණත්, අකැමැති වුණත් මේ කතා කරන්නෙත් මෙගා නාට්‍යයක් ගැන... ඒත් මේ නාට්‍යයේ නම විතරයි 'මෙගා' හැම ඉරිදාම රාත්‍රි 9.00ට ස්වර්ණවාහිනියෙන් ඔබට 'මෙගා' බලන්න පුළුවන්. 'මෙගා' අධ්‍යක්‍ෂණය කළ 'දමින්ද ඩී. මඩවල' ...
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නිලේන්ද්‍ර දේශප්‍රිය අධ්‍යක්ෂණය කළ “තන්හා රතී රඟා”(Between Yesterday & Tomorrow)චිත්‍රපටය කේරළ සිනමා උළෙලේ World Cinema Official Selection සඳහා ශ්‍රී ලංකාව නියෝජනය කරමින් තේරී පත්ව ඇත. මෙවර 18 වැනි කේරළ ජාත්‍යන්තර සිනමා උළෙල හෙට (06) සිට 13 වැනිදා දක්වා කේරළයේ ත්‍රිවාන්ද්‍රම්හිදී පැවැත්වීමට නියමිතය. තන්හා රතී රඟා, තිස් වසරක් පුරා පැවැති ...
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